Welcome to Meridian Interfaith Consulting!

What we do…

Meridian Interfaith Consulting was created as a passion project to spread education and knowledge about how different religions are affecting our increasingly globalized world. If you are not sure where to start, we recommend you check out our Why does it Matter? page.

This web resource is provided free of charge for you to use for your organizations needs. It is divided into three main sections: Education, Consulting, and Webinars. We recommend that you first go through the education modules, then go through the webinars, and finally check out our consulting documents that can help your organization provide equitable accommodations for religious minorities.

Our consulting documents are broken down in the following steps. We recommend following the steps in order to provide the best results for your organization. The Alternative Crisis Plan can be used at any time and is a stand-alone resource to provide quick consulting for urgent situations where decisions need to be made quickly.

Consulting Documents Steps:

  1. Preliminary Documentation
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Strategic Plan
  4. Implementation Guide
  5. Impact Evaluation
  6. Self-Assessment

If you need any assistance along the way, or have any questions regarding the education modules, webinars, or consulting documents, please feel free to contact us, and our consultants will be glad to assist you. Please note that this resource is in no way exhaustive and does not represent all viewpoints. We appreciate your kind feedback to help us expand and update this free resource.